Dr. Huang Kuo-Ting

Dr. Huang Kuo-Ting

We are pleased to introduce the newest member of our dental team, Dr. Huang Kuo-Ting (D.M.D., M.Sc.)

Dr. Huang graduated from the University of Debrecen, and then continued his professional training at the University of Münster (Germany) in the fields of implantology, bone replacement and oral surgery and obtained a master’s degree.


我们很⾼兴地介绍我们医疗团队的最新成员,黄国庭 牙医师(D.M.D.,M.Sc.)。


Dr. Huang has worked for many years in Mosonmagyaróvár, where he mainly gained experience with foreign patients. He firmly believes that continuous self-education is the professionalism that a dentist should have. He has participated in many practical courses held by internationally-renowned dentists, not only setting himself at a world-class standard, but also understanding the innovation and development of modern dentistry, and constantly improving his knowledge.

Dr. Huang places great emphasis on precision and quality, which is why he uses the most advanced dental technology, treatment methods and quality materials, and performs all treatments under magnification. His patients greatly appreciate his meticulous and empathetic attitude, that he provides pain-free, high-quality care in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

He believes that establishing a trustful doctor-patient relationship is not only beneficial to the diagnosis of the treatment, but also in achieving a successful and satisfactory outcome. Therefore, he individualizes the treatments according to the different needs of each patient and discuss the necessary treatment steps together, which will help relieve the patient’s anxiety toward the entire unknown treatment course.

Dr. Huang’s native language is Chinese, but he also speaks fluent English.






His areas of expertise / 他的专业领域包括::
  • Dental implantology, full mouth rehabilitation
  • Esthetic dentistry (digital smile design, porcelain veneers, aesthetic restoration of anterior teeth)
  • Periodontal plastic surgery (soft tissue reconstruction, gummy smile, gingival recession, metallic exposure of implant..etc)
  • Biomimetic restorative dentistry (treatment of tooth cracks and prevention of root canal treatment; emphasize on stronger and more stable foundation, with increase bonding strength to the restoration, making the restorations last longer.)


But also perform the following treatments:

  • Dental emergency, toothache
  • General dentistry: composite fillings, root canal treatment, tooth extraction, calculus removal with teeth polishing
  • Wisdom tooth removal
  • Prosthetic restorations: fixed crowns and bridges, removable dentures, combination (precision attachment prosthesis)
  • Ceramic inlays (inlay, onlay, overlay)






Biomimetic restorative dentistry:⻮裂治疗(隐裂)、预防牙齿抽神经;高强度⽛体修复粘接术,强调更坚固稳定的地基,让⽛体复形的使⽤寿命更⻓久


  • 牙科急诊、⽛痛
  • 一般牙科: 树脂补⽛、(显微)根管治疗、拔⽛、洗⽛、喷砂美⽩
  • 智⻮拔除
  • 赝复补缀: 固定式牙冠和牙桥、局部活动假⽛、全⼝假⽛、组合式假⽛(精密附着体义⻮)
  • 微创陶瓷嵌体 (内嵌体、冠盖体、覆盖体)、3D陶瓷⻮雕
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